Rental Benefits

pictureline Rental Rewards
Join our Rental Rewards program and receive 10% of your rental total credited toward the purchase of that same product.

For example, you rent a lens that costs $35 per day. You rent this lens for two days; therefore, your rental total for that item is $70. You now have $7 toward the purchase of that lens.

Half Off Weekday Rentals
We offer 50% off on Monday-Thursday rentals. Pick something up on Monday, return it by Friday morning, and your total rental cost will be half off regular price.

Early Open on Weekdays
The pictureline Rental Department is open a half hour earlier on Monday - Friday mornings to make drop off or pickup more convenient for you. Our camera rental staff is available at 8:30 a.m. Monday - Friday to help you check in your equipment rental.

Early Pickup
Customers are welcome to pickup rental equipment between 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. the day before their rental begins for free. Because it is possible that someone else may have already reserved the item, we cannot guarantee early pickup availability. If you absolutely need an item in the morning before the store opens, we recommend renting the item for an additional day. Since rental availability can change frequently, we recommend calling in advance to verify early pickup availability.

Early pickups are not available on Saturday afternoon. If you need an item early on Monday morning, you must rent it for Saturday as well.

If you have questions regarding the early pickup policy, please contact a member of our rental department by calling (801)364-1200.

Free Sundays
Since pictureline is not open on Sundays, we do not charge you for Sunday rentals. However, you cannot rent an item for Sunday. The “free” Sunday only applies if your rental period is during a Sunday. Therefore, you cannot rent an item for Sunday—if you need an item for Sunday, you must rent for Saturday as well.

Try Before You Buy
By renting camera equipment, you’re able to try products before making the big investment. In addition, you’ll receive a credit toward that rental item by signing up for pictureline Rental Rewards. If you decide you would like to purchase that particular item, you’ll receive 10% of that rental cost put toward the purchase of that item each time you rent it.

Specialty Gear
Different shoots or situations require different camera equipment. If you’re in need of specialty gear or equipment that falls outside of your arsenal, renting is a great alternative to buying products you may not use often.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our camera rental staff is made up of photographers who have extensive experience shooting in commercial, sport, wedding, and portrait photography. We care about what you are shooting and are happy to help you choose the best equipment to fit your specific needs. We are committed to quickly and easily getting you the gear you need to succeed at your next shoot.

Sign up for the pictureline Rental Rewards next time you’re in store!